Cat Star Chronicles Bk. 6
Micayla has always been alone.  Unsure of her origins and of an unknown race Micayla knows she's different to the other women around her.  Not knowing what is normal for her species Micayla has no idea on what species her own might be compatible with; that is one thing for certain it's not Terrans.  Seeing a stranger across a crowded park whose stunning good looks immediately draws her attention Micayla sets out discover the strangers identity; never expecting to discover her own in the process.  Finding out she's Zetithian comes with its own dangers however and soon Micayla finds herself running for her life.  Imagine her surprise when the very she boards contain any handsome male of her own species.

Trag has always sworn he'll never marry unless he can find a Zetithian female; but what no one realizes is that's just an excuse Trag is in love with his brother's wife.  He never actually thought that he would find a female of his decimated race.  Finding Micayla is a delightful surprise, right up until she bites him.  In fact every time goes near her he is greeted by hisses, growls and snarls.  Having left Zetith have child there is no way that Trag could recognize the signs of an interested Zetithian female.  Now it is all up to Trag, to entice Micayla his purr; her pleasure but still his heart belongs to another; more does it?  It's not long before Trag finds himself unable to resist Micayla after all it's his duty to help repopulating his species.  Slowly but surely he finds himself realizing that the woman of his dreams was never his brothers mate of his own Micayla.  Now if only he can convince her of that and win her heart before their common enemy succeeds in stopping it.

Traveling throughout the galaxy the change in location from scenic the star to arid wastelands;
Hero will capture your heart and draw you along in the very first page leaving you completely unable to walk away from this stellar addition to the Cat Star Chronicles.

Micayla is soul deep lonely.  But that doesn't stop her from living her life to the fullest.  Her strength and ability to adapt combined with her delightful confusion about her reactions to Trag make her very realistic and likable.  The incredible courage she displays in uprooting her entire life for the good of her species will touch the heart; so make sure have some tissues handy.

Trag is absolutely and completely in denial.  His determination hold fast to the ideal of his brother's bride is a shallow shield for his heart.  With the heart is wounded as his however it is completely understandable that he may unconsciously feel he needs protection.  I will say at times I just want to hit him upside the head with catnip and make the boy see the light and some other things he puts Micayla through will tear your heart apart.

With a Zetithian male in the mix, a man whose coronial fluid can literally bring woman to orgasm with a single touch you know that the heat levels are going to be explosive.  Add to the mix a Zetithian woman who really makes the man works for his pleasure and your just lucky your eyeballs don't spontaneously combust.

The final epic battle that may see the end of the current story arc, held me enthralled as I waited to see if my favorites Zetithian men and their loving mates would triumph over the evil that has so long hunted them.  Each hero completely unique; each heroine amazingly original; yet together they complement each other to form a small but vibrant society of characters so realistic you feel like you to turn heads and speak to them. Visits with all our favorite couples and their gorgeous irrepressible children making
Hero an unforgettable addition to the Cat Star Chronicles With the call sent out to the most distant stars I can only hope that the near future sees a plentiful supply of gorgeous, seductive and single Zetithian men coming out of intergalactic wood work.

Author: Cheryl Brooks
Category: Scifi
Sourcebooks Casablanca

Released: August 2010
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