Wolf Queen
Katia has never known what Mikhail Nikolaevich really was, an Alpha werewolf and ruler of a very dominant pack.  Her father worked for Mikhail since she was a child, and now that he's passed on she's turned to Mikhail for comfort.  Katia has always been attracted to the strong, virile Mikhail, so its no surprise when she is swept away in his arms and taken for the first time by him.  She thought Mikhail was the love of her life, but he quickly dispelled her dream by telling her that all they had was sex.  And with that Katia flees Mikhail at the first opportunity to begin a new life away from the pack, never realizing that he was protecting her.  Mikhail must carefully guard what is his and keep his pack safe from harm, which is not easy when there are rebels trying to take his territory for themselves.

Katia is a stubborn, headstrong young woman determined to live her life her way, not allowing Mikhail any say about it.  Mikhail is intent on bringing his wayward mate home, but the threat is still very real and he is torn between protecting Katia and caring for his own pack.  She's his mate, though she doesn't know it yet.  Every time they come together, their sex drive goes into overdrive, but Katia is confused.  She makes love with Mikhail with her whole heart only to be turned away each time they finish.  When faced with the knowledge of who and what Mikhail really is Katia faces even more danger.  It's time for Katia to take charge and defend herself, and for Mikhail to claim her as his true mate and defend all challenges to his throne.

Wolf Queen is almost a fairy tale of the handsome, strong and dominant Mikhail claiming Katia for his mate and all the trials that go along with it.  Katia's struggle to learn about Mikhail, her belief that her love for him isn't returned, and the constant conflict and misunderstandings between them make for a very interesting story.

I was totally taken with the way they made love.  Innocent at first, growing to heat the entire story with each time they came together. What I most enjoyed was the way that Katia finally takes her role to become the real Queen in the story, despite being unsure of herself.  She fights for her life, for Mikhail and for the pack.  It drew me along to see what challenges they had to face and each one was more intense than the last.  

Stormy Glenn brings
Wolf Queen to life with remarkable characters.  I was taken by each of them as they showed their true colors throughout the story.  You will be desperate to see how everything is worked through.  Once the time comes for them all to stand together to defend the pack the gloves come off and Katia will simply amaze you.  I would like to see more of Mikhail Nikolaevich's pack and how their pack members gain their own place in the pack and with their partners for life.  What will Stormy Glenn offer next?  I'm certainly looking forward to more stories from her.

Judy King
Author: Stormy Glenn
Category: Paranormal/Shape-shifter
Siren Publishing Inc

Released: September 2009
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